Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

These days my house sometimes looks like a jungle, or at least like a tornado just blew through. But that is another, more boring story that I’m trying to re-write.

This week my dear sister, Aunt M, is visiting from New York. She has been giving LLC copious love and attention, as well as a Fisher-Price Rainforest Play Mat. LLC loves it! She spent an hour yesterday laying on it, cooing at the butterflies overhead and swiping/kicking at her new jungle friends Parrot and Monkey.  Aunt M likens LLC to a little monkey with her sharp, wide eyes and incessant kicking legs - what better a "habitat" to entertain her in?!  This evening she managed to propel herself across the entire mat, mainly by back leg thrusts and minimal arm support.  Seriously, have Chris and I created a kick-boxer?

We've been enjoying a chilled out week of girl time with Aunt M.  It's very nice to spend time with my sister and for her to get to know her niece. 

When my parents, sister or friends visit, I sometimes hesitantly venture into the jungle of emotion that comes with the fresh reminder of how much I love these people and how I wish we lived physically closer to each other.  I don't like to venture into this abyss since I would not trade my life here and I'm not one to court sadness.  But still, inevitably, at times into this jungle I creep.

I usually catch myself before I go too far, for life is to be lived and enjoyed even with its challenges.  I'm enjoying the time LLC and I have with Aunt M and when I join my little one under her rainforest canopy to gaze at the butterflies and tropical creatures, I can also think of my sister and smile.
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