Sunday, 4 April 2010

Get a Taste of This!

The fact that I'm craving and eating cake with the passion of Majorie Dawes cannot be a good thing.

Cake.  It comes in so many varieties and is often so good.  It completes my coffee afternoons with other mums.  Unfortunately, when eaten several times a week it's not doing much for my post-pregnancy fitness.  I'm not mad and suggesting that I deny myself cake in totality - it's just dawning on me that eating cake three or four times a week may not be the healthiest of  ideas. 

So I decided to cut back since I really couldn't justify the voracity of my sweet tooth.  That is until I came across the acceptable indulgence that are Milkmakers, which seriously take the cake, or should I say, the cookie!

Loaded with brewer's yeast and ground flax seed, these super cookies, designed specifically for breast feeding moms, will up the quality and quantity of my milk supply.  I'm not going to delve too far into the chemistry behind these cookies; I'm just going to roll with the retailer's promise that LLC will get more nutritious milk and I will get to eat tasty cookies, almost as good as cake, without guilt.  Everyone's a winner.  Everyone but my bank account, since at $44 for 30 cookies they don't come cheap!  Plus I don't know if they ship to England.  Sigh.
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