Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Yummy Mummy - To Be or Not to Be?

I'm a mom. I'm a lady who lunches, on a budget. But am I a “yummy mummy?” I'd be lying I didn't admit that I secretly, slightly sheepishly, aspire to join this "club."

The membership criteria is blurry. Do I need to be a brilliant, independent and sexy mommy goddess boasting coiffed hair and graceful parenting prowess to be admitted? In that case, I'd be far out of my depth. But if I need to be a devoted and loving parent who has not lost my sense of self and style at the bottom of the diaper bin then I may be in with a chance. 

And why do I even care? I could chalk up this coveted “mommy label” as a superficial side effect of our competitive society. Yet I don't see it this way. I see it more as a reminder that moms can be brilliant parents but still bright and desirable women in their own right and this is the balance that I'm trying to achieve.

One thing I do know is that yummy mummy-hood is definitely about more than how you look. While walking with LLC last week I approached a group of pram-pushing ladies who looked the yummy mummy part - fresh faced, sociable and stylish - yet when I passed them on the sidewalk they were spouting the most nasty, vile language right in front of their children. In an instant they went from yummy to scummy in my estimations. Looks really can be deceiving.

So what do you think makes yummy mummy? And should we care?
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