Monday, 1 March 2010

Thank You Friends

Each day is full of discovery in my adventures with LLC
From what brings on a quivering lower lip to what makes her happy
And as I stumble and soar through early days as a mama
I’ve made some new friends who help me through the drama

Thank you Putumayo Dreamland lullabies
Your soothing tracks work wonders when LLC cries
We started our relationship while she was in the womb
And cemented your ability to cut through grumpy gloom

Thank you swaddle blanket from mom in the USA
Your Velcro tight wrap can’t be easily kicked away
You keep LLC warm and cozy and easily entail
That her sleep is not disrupted by a random arm flail

Thank you Angelcare Nappy bin for keeping smelly diapers at bay
Space efficient and odor free you came and saved the day
From diaper overflow in our garbage pail
Your ease and convenience have been without fail

Thank you Bugaboo, goddess of smooth suspension
Your motion magically abates all LLC tension
Our walks together are in peace, style and grace
I’m so glad we caught you in the ebay race

Thank you Margaret Wise Brown for making bedtime a treat
Your stories keep us company while LLC has her final bit to eat
I know by heart Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny
And love your choice of imagery, though it is a bit funny

Thank you friends
You are godsends

For another bout of creativity, check out A Mid-Atlantic English’s February End of Month Collection Cloud of inspiring sentences found in the blogosphere. I intended to build my own word cloud this month but it didn’t happen; Michelloui’s fab finds are inspiration to have another go at it next month!
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