Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hands off Harriet!

Like pregnancy bumps and family heirlooms, new babies should not be touched without permission!

I’m keen to socialize LLC; she’s happy to be held, bathed and entertained by more than Chris and me. She’s an alert little miss, always watching, often kicking and not shy about giving strangers a coo and a smile. When I’m out people often approach her stroller for take a peek and a chat, which I enjoy. (Like pregnancy, I’m finding newborns bring out the chatty side of the sometimes reticent Brits!)

But peek and chat are where I draw the line, for while I’m happy for our family and friends to dish out copious cuddles on LLC, I’m not a fan of her being touched by strangers. That to me, is step too far and is exactly what occurred on our recent trip out with Chris’ grandma.

We were checking out those motorized scooters that seniors can scoot around in and the sales lady swooped in on LLC like an eagle to its prey. Though compliments rolled off her tongue, I couldn’t concentrate on them for she simultaneously poked her hand into LLC’s and began to give it a little stroke.

While my tolerant daughter gave her starry eyes, it was all I could do not to shoot daggers at her with mine. I didn’t know where this woman’s hands had been! I know kids lick windows and bite communal toys at the library and need to be exposed to germs and all but shouldn’t adults know better than to start touching small babies without asking first! The fact this woman worked with seniors scooters and thus dealt with clientele that may not be on top form exacerbated my frustration.

When she finally retracted her hand I inched LLC’s stroller in the other direction and made a getaway soon after that. I questioned myself for being ridiculous, but felt a bit more justified when I found Chris washing off LLC’s hand with a wet wipe when we got home.

I probably should have tactfully said something in the moment but I didn’t. Maybe next time. Have you been faced with a similar situation and how did you handle it? Or am I overreacting?
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