Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Shades of Happy

I’m honoured to receive this Happiness Award from the lovely Michelle at A Mid-Atlantic English. It’s inspiring to know that my random musings make for an enjoyable read, thank you Michelle.

So now it’s my turn to play.  A lot of things make me happy, but the initial 10 shades that spring to mind include:

  • Cuddling on the couch with Chris, LLC & Rico
  • Rambles and picnics in the verdant English countryside
  • Skype calls with the family
  • Fine wine in the company of fine friends
  • LLC’s arms over head stretch following a feed
  • That Salamander Bay beach in Oz with the spider infested bathroom, army of hermit crabs, peaceful sea and boundless sky
  • Battenberg – it made watching Chris play cricket all day almost bearable (sorry my dear)
  • Writing – embracing power of the pen, the keyboard & my mind
  • Being told that I’m a good listener
  • Looking at LLC and knowing Chris and I made her
I’d like to pass this Award on to Nappy Valley Girl @ Nappy Valley...in New York who “traded places” with me when taking up house with her family on Long Island, NY. Her observant, witty and honest writing makes me smile and is a great read.
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