Sunday, 3 January 2010

Rear Views can be Deceiving

In tribute to Baby of Dirty Dancing, “I am now carrying a watermelon.” Yes I am.

Yesterday the midwife said the not-so-little melon appears to be dropping in my pelvis but probably has more progress to make from the position of her heartbeat. She told me all looked well and to go away and chill out. I’m trying.

Since gravity is my friend and I’m trying to stay as active as possible, I took advantage of today’s bright sunny morning to do my power walk around the neighbourhood. The cool air felt refreshing, helped clear my head and gave me an extra spring in my step.

Then, to top off my “see-saw up” mood came a cat call and honk from....can you other than a young guy in white van! I was pleased for such attention with a tiny bump at 17 weeks pregnant so you can imagine my delight at this late-pregnancy honk. I’m not sure whether I took more pleasure in the compliment on my rear view or the look that must have crossed that dude’s face when he kept driving and caught a glimpse my watermelon! I bet that was priceless.

Is it sad that I am excited to still be deemed worthy of cat calls by men in white vans? Probably, but I’ll take what I can get now. Chris says I’m still attractive but he’s my husband and that’s his job :)
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