Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Waiting Game

I’m not playing the waiting game; I’ve convinced myself that I might as well have a month left of my pregnancy. Sure.

That’s why I just took a walk around the block, bounced on my ball for over an hour, ate practically a whole pineapple and am going for a curry tonight.

Actually though, I’m feeling pretty calm and though I’m making my way through many of the old wives tales in the book, I’m feeling overall positive this week. Let’s hope this high lingers.

Getting out of the house continues to be my savior. Monday I went swimming and had a great chat with an 8 month pregnant lady at the gym….It was a refreshing swim and I felt good, however I did finally suspended my membership, earning a few raised eyebrows when the staff heard when I was due!

Yesterday I met up with the other girls in my NCT group – all still pregnant but one who has recently had a lovely little boy. Having lunch and hanging out with others at a similar stage of this pregnancy journey is reassuring, supportive and fun. We lucked out and have a great group of ladies who are going through a similar life shift, have a laugh together and have no qualms about leaning on each other as we simultaneously stagger into the abyss that is parenthood. It felt good to be out and to be social. I then topped off the day at pregnancy yoga, which continues to be relaxing for body and mind.

So now I sit a temple of calm, full of pineapple but not too full for a spicy curry tonight. Actually, food is today’s theme since I promised Chris I’d make him some banana chocolate chip muffins. We’ll enjoy them, and hopefully they will keep the midwives well fed for our imminent home birth – how’s that for positive thinking?!

Thanks everyone for the continued support!
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