Saturday, 9 January 2010

My Pumpkin in Winter Wonderland

A message for our little lady who is still safe and sound within me:

My mom sometimes calls me Pumpkin
Now I have one of my own - you
Defining my contour
In the essence of my heart
At the forefront of my mind

I'm ready to meet you
At least as ready as I'll ever be
I'm rushing like a river with anticipation
Then settling like the snowflakes with disbelief
I'm in my own Winter Wonderland

Where my hands often tingle
Not from the cold
Where patience is a virtue
And suspense is grudgingly a friend
The best relationships often take time to take shape

So Chris and I went walking
Treated ourselves to some cake
Took care to stay steady
Amidst the emotional, icy plain
Of our Winter Wonderland
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