Thursday, 14 January 2010

The One Where My Water's Broke

Nope, this wasn't a Friends episode, this was a My Bed episode this morning when I woke to feel something slippery in between my legs.

I couldn't believe it!  Did my water's break?  Was labor actually about to happen?  I was sure I hadn't wet myself and my leg was damp.  This could only mean one thing...

My heart started to thunder in my chest and I tentatively woke up Chris.  "Chris, I think my water's may have broken.  My leg's wet.  Feel my leg."

Chris isn't a morning person but that got him up in a flash!  "Really?" he gave me a careful look while I shoved my leg towards him.  But then his expression of half shock/half excitement faded as he examined my leg.  "I don't think your water's broke.  If they had there would probably be more fluid and there's nothing on the bed, just this little bit on your leg.  I think this is just sweat."

Say WHAT?  Sweat?!  But actually....that kind of made sense.  I hauled my body out of bed and dashed, alright waddled, down to the bathroom to explore further.   No, I wasn't damp down there.  No, there wasn't any trickle to indicate my water's were broken...just my legs, slightly sticky from rubbing together under my night dress thing.

What an anti-climax I'm telling you.....I wasn't in labor.....I'm just an uncomfortable, nearly 41 weeks pregnant lady with sweaty legs as my big body attempts to regulate its temperature in the night.  Wah.
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