Monday, 11 January 2010

Baby, look at all the fun you're missing!

Getting out of the house this weekend was extremely therapeutic! After three days housebound due to my ice rink of a road, Chris and I took advantage of the weekend's slightly milder temperatures to go play in the snow. We're really just two big kids at heart - it took a lot of restraint and my burgeoning coat to remind Chris that he can't peg me (and baby) directly with snowballs! These pics were taken 2 days after my due date.

I know it's nice and warm inside me, but look at all the fun our little lady is missing out on! Not one to be left out, she continues to put in some solid kick boxes of her own. I'm also experiencing increase pelvic pressure and little zings in my groin that occasionally radiate down my leg. Nothing, however, is getting longer, stronger and closer together. For as many times as contractions are described to me, I still feel like I'm not going to know when they are actually here because of all these growing sensations. But I'm assured I will know when the show gets on the road. Let's hope it's soon. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and well wishes!
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