Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fortunes – In my cookie, and in blogging

My fortune cookie yesterday read: “Your wish will be granted after a long delay.” Does that mean labor will start today? I’m saving this one.

And now a word on blogging fortunes, in reference to a tag from insightful parenting blog/site Angels and Urchins in response to a Communities, cliques and a new meme. This meme asks bloggers to share three of their favourite, newly discovered blogging reads in an effort to share great content. I thought the meme was a fine idea, and made the following comment on my impressions of starting out in the blogosphere on the original post by Who’s the Mummy:

"I am also fairly new on the blogging scene. It can be overwhelming at times but I find the further I dabble the more I get to grips with how to share my own stories, discover the fantastic content of others and network in general. For me it's a gradual process. I blog because I love writing and hope others can relate/connect to my posts. I sometimes need to remind myself that there is a balance to be had between gaining traffic and worrying about how to get noticed amongst the masses when I'd rather focus on actually writing. Memes like this help create that balance - thank you."

Thank you Angels and Urchins for bringing this meme back to me. While bouncing on my birthing ball, I’ve recently been reading the following three excellent blogs:

A Day in the Life with Baby V – a beautifully written chronicle of a mother’s quest to balance motherhood, marriage, career and fitness

Young & Younger – a witty and spirited account of a first time mum to twins – her nursery photos are gorgeous too!

Single Motherhood Challenges – the honest and touching ins and outs of a young single mum and her little boy

I’d like to tag Mid-Atlantic English, Loving & Supporting Mamas and The Dotterel with this meme; their blogs are also excellent and no doubt they'll have some other blogging gems to share.
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