Sunday, 2 August 2009

Still Got It!

So here's my 17 week picture.

Expanding on my body image comments from yesterday, I went for a run this morning and got a "sexy ass" shout from a passing car. We can ignore the fact it was actually from a couple of young guys in white van, music blaring, passenger with his head out the window i.e. the typical source of cat calls for females running. I gave a small smile and a nod. I think it's better to acknowledge and keep moving rather than risk pissing people off by ignoring them. Plus, it never feels bad to get a cat call!

Chris and I took a quick spin by Mothercare today for a little scope out of the goods. Our main points of interest, well the first was more mine, were over the bump maternity jeans and the strollers. It was like a whole new world in that store - baby bonanza, lots and lots of pregnant ladies, lots of ladies pushing babies and lots of men attending to their wives. I felt a little out of my depth, but this is my new club, so I better just get on with it.

I came away with a 2 pack of maternity bras that looked supportive but had cute little patterns (I'm going to test them out and return them if they don't fit) and a better idea of what size over the bump jeans I may purchase. On the strollers, or prams, I think I have expensive taste. I don't feel that way about most baby items but I want a stroller that is durable, maneuverable, not too heavy or bulky and suited to both city/town strolling as well as more bumpy terrain. Does such an item exist that doesn't break the bank? If I'm going to splash out in one area, however, I think the stroller and travel system is a good one since we are so active and I know I'll want to be out and about with baby a lot on a safe, comfortable car seat is must. So research is in order there....I'll let you know how I get on. If anyone has any suggestions in this department, please share!
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