Thursday, 23 July 2009

I didn't sign up for language lessons

My visit to Babycenter’s Community Bulletin Board yesterday left me feeling worse for wear. As my old boss once aptly described a hangover, I felt as through my brain had been run over by a piece of industrial machinery. I didn’t expect this feeling in my sober state after a trip to a cosy baby community.

I’ve previously visited the Babycenter bulletin boards briefly and found out some helpful little tidbits. I enjoyed the opportunity to mix with some other pregnant girls who share my hopes, fears, questions, confusion and joys... My main mission for this visit, in fact, was to post a message about this blog in hopes of drawing in some additional readership from those near and dear to its primary subject matter. Mission accomplished, I did some further perusing...

Upon clicking through a host of messages, I began encountering a host of strange terms like "DH" and "DD." What was this? I felt like everyone was privy to some kind of club that I didn't have membership to.... It seemed like the women were sometimes referring to their significant other with regard to "DH" but why.....and what in the world was "AF and "FWIW?" As my confusion mounted, I found more and more acronyms and my headache set in. But now I was hooked and I wanted answers.

Further exploring finally brought me to the 'ABC of Bulletin Board Terms' guide. Hallelujah, I think. At least my ignorance was abated through this guide, a lengthy list of the pregnancy bulletin board terms I'd seen peppered throughout the messages plus many many more.

Seriously? I deal with enough acronyms at work. Why the new online cryptic terminology? Apparently "DH" means "dear husband/partner." "DD" is, can you guess, "dear daughter." "AF" is "Aunt Flow" and "FWIW" is "for what it's worth." Geez, it was like a new that I didn't sign up for....I have enough other relevant things to learn about what is happening to my body, the child I am growing and how I'm going to introduce a balanced little person into this world - not to mention living my regular life - to have time to sit in front of my computer and process all that.

I've decided that bulletin boards may be for some, but I think I'd rather seek advice and wisdom through friends and family and other pregnant ladies I meet rather than subjecting myself to the community bulletin board vortex and its special tongue.

As an aside, I am starting to feel more pregnant. I did have a lot to eat last night, but as I stood in front of the mirror this morning, I decided this was not a food baby I was witnessing but actually the thickening of a proper little bump. I feel like I'm sitting at the apex of a roller coaster and things are just about to really take off.
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