Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What happened to a simple story?

I just received this NPR link from both pregnant E and my mom. It's all about "Blog-ola" or the free goodies, products, trips and perks many marketers are giving mommy bloggers in return for favorable publicity and positive product reviews. Mommy bloggers by and large admit to only posting positive reviews so they can cash in on freebies and now the "ethical nature" of these blogs has come under fire.

Now I have added AdSense to this blog, and my focus is pregnancy (I have no clue about the million baby products on the market) but I never thought of using this forum as a PR/marketing tool. Maybe I don't have enough of a commercial hat....maybe I'm just too traditional and am writing to share an honest story...Though sometimes it seems this world is social networking, online marketing crazy that can easily spiral out of control. I'm happy to keep it simple.

I'm pleased to report that my blues of yesterday are now a distant memory - I think it had just been a long day...and those hormones....I'm still blaming them for all irrational feelings!
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