Friday, 17 July 2009

Apple the Acrobat

I’m 15 weeks pregnant today and according to, my baby is the size of an apple. Yum, I do like apples.

I’m excited to be approaching the 16-20 week mark when women often feel slight movement from the baby otherwise known as ‘quickening.’ Pretty cool. Supposedly you often feel this earlier in subsequent pregnancies as you are more in tune with what to look out for. The experts describe it as “butterfly wings” or “trapped gas.” I prefer the butterfly image. Bottom line, if I feel what I think is my stomach rumbling, it might really be my little apple doing some back flips – my own little acrobat.

Even though I’m now anticipating this sensation, I have a feeling expecting it will do me no good so I just have to wait for it to happen….I am just 15 weeks today after all. This decided, I temporarily moved on, but later found myself standing in my office bathroom stall, poking at my stomach and murmuring a few coaxing words to my belly. Then I snapped out of my reverie and checked to make sure I didn’t have an audience, which fortunately, I didn’t. That was a close call. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m cuckoo, because really, I’m not…..
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