Thursday, 16 July 2009

Head Dump

The BBC today reports that ‘Killings are lowest in 20 years.’ Apparently, the numbers of murders, child killings and manslaughters has dropped 17% to a 20 year low. That’s a small comfort when you’re on the verge on bringing a baby into greater London’s suburban jungle. The news is not all rosy though – theft, burglary and shoplifting have also risen and the British Crime Survey indicates the risk of being a victim of crime has risen from 22% to 23%. We still have far to go, particularly in the midst of the current ‘credit crunch’ where people may not want to kill you as much, just rob you. Sigh.

I have another, lighter issue, perhaps heavier for me. I need to buy some new underwear. I’m getting some, errr, some overflow at the tops of my bras that ain't too pretty. I won’t develop the image, but it’s enough to send me searching for some new maternity bras on the Internet.

It’s not like my underwear is on popular show, but I generally like to match and I like it to be pretty. With everyone from GAP to Victoria’s Secret, M&S and Macy’s doing underwear, I don’t usually struggle to find some nice pieces. But the maternity underwear I’m viewing is not too pretty. Maybe that’s not fair, maybe some of it is alright. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s designed to support mountain sized breasts means it has to be that little bit less sexy. Apparently there are some good bras at Bravado Designs so I’m going to check that out but please let me know if you have any suggestions. Somehow I feel like maternity bra shopping is going to engender those feelings I had first time bra shopping with my mom – clueless, awkward and embarrassed. Party on!

I’m going to start adding some pics to this blog that will document my growing bump without totally embarrassing me (if that is possible) so watch this space. For now, above is a picture of me taken a couple of weeks ago at M&J’s wedding in NY. I was a bridesmaid and this shot is of me at 13 weeks with three of my dearest friends from way back when. Take a good look at me and remember me as I am now before I’m stretched to new proportions!
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