Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Google = Crazy Brigade

My pregnant friend E suggested I read Teresa Strasser's blog, 'Exploiting My Baby.' E knows that I love TMI, and Teresa tells it straight. For those that don't know her (I didn't), she is now 6 months+ pregnant, a successful journalist and co-host on the Adam Carolla show. To me she looks pretty damn glamorous and put together, but her honest and witty blog is a first hand account that even seemingly calm, cool and collected celebs don't always feel that way, particularly when slightly unhinged by a surge of pregnancy hormones.

I especially related to Teresa's forays into the genius turned devil that is google. It's my first pregnancy and I'm a novice who needs to learn fast as the 9 months quickly recede before me. Trying to stay informed throughout my first trimester I found myself googling a host of pregnancy issues/topics/conditions.....'avoiding varicose veins'....'avoiding constipation'.....'signs of miscarriage'....'are essential oils dangerous in pregnancy'.....'are herbal teas safe'.....'running in pregnancy'.....'toxoplasmosis'......'toxoplasmosis and cats'.....and on and on an on until I had the urge to throw my computer out the window in a mix of fear/disgust/worry. Fortunately I avoided defenestration, and instead tested the patience of Chris and my dear mother by asking ridiculous questions based on my online adventures to which I was given a swift reality check.

Google searches take you to all sorts of crazy articles and forums that may not be credible and usually lead to scare mongering. So if you are a pregnant lady seeking insights through google, I suggest you stop now before you cross the fine line between being aware and a being a little more crazy than you already are. Otherwise before you know it, you'll be throwing out all your lotions and herbal teas, washing your hands every time you touch the cat and sitting at home in a 'safe' bubble missing the world go by. Let's hope I can keep my own advice....information overload is dangerous craving for many of us pregnant gals.

Teresa also mentions in her blog that she gained 14 pounds during her first trimester, which made me reconsider my remarks about not having a baby bump and kind of wanting one so I can really 'feel' pregnant. I guess I should be grateful that I still fit into my regular clothes and can sleep without discomfort. I reflected on this during my lunch break as I popped a couple of rollos in my mouth and then polished off a 'small' bag of fizzy laces, taking comfort in the fact the laces had no artificial colors or flavorings. At that rate, I won't be far behind.
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