Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Cat is out of the Bag

Yes, it’s definitely the bag the cat is out of, not the fridge. You may know the lamentable tale of our several month old kitten getting locked in our fridge while Chris and I went to work and then enjoyed a Friday night on the town. Before you report us to Cats Protection, let me clarify that our fridge door doesn’t always close firmly and we surmise that opportunistic little Rico sealed his cold fate when curiosity got the better of him. We can smile about it now because even though we arrived home to discover him curled up in the vegetable drawer shaking like a leaf, he turned out to be 100% fine once we warmed him up at the advice of the emergency night vet. Checking our refrigerator door is now a top item on our “daily obsessive” list.

Now that I’ve painted such an inspiring picture of our ability to care for the young and dependent, it’s opportune for me to share that I’m pregnant – 14 weeks pregnant Friday! We are thrilled to have finally started sharing the news with our family and friends over the last few weeks following our “first” and “second” ‘12’ week sonograms, or scans as they are commonly referred to in the UK. (It turned out I was only about 10 weeks 5 days at the first scan so we booked in for a second one three weeks later).

Even if you are hoping to get pregnant, nothing totally prepares you for first viewing that faint blue line that indicates that there is now officially a little person growing inside of you. It takes the wind out of you, and in my case I realized that I don’t really have a clue about pregnancy and what I should/should not be doing to develop the bun in my oven. I don’t have any siblings or many friends who have taken this journey and if it weren’t for my two girlfriends E and B are both currently pregnant, I would be even more lost.

So I’m learning. I’ve survived my first trimester without real morning sickness. I’m more tired but that’s fading a little now. Chris is kindly cleaning out Rico’s litter tray and I’m toning down my running, avoiding sushi, soft cheeses and the breast stroke. I’m taking tips and reading things from the UK and the USA in an effort to get a clue and stay informed, but there is an awful lot, too much, information out there and you could drown in it if you’re not careful. I’m trying to stay sensible, but sometimes Chris has to pull me up for air and I expect I’ll both succeed and temporarily fail in this department as this journey continues. I hope you will join me for the ride.
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