Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Childbirth Fever

I'm a pretty empathetic person with a tendency to worry unneccessarily if tempted. For those that have been reading from the start of my pregnancy journey, you may remember that I stepped off the Google crazy brigade fairly early on before I drove myself nuts. I'm not saying I don't read up on pregnancy and birth risks and warning signs, but rather that I'm aware but not overly focused on them and am more selective on those I choose to highlight on this blog.

I came across the charity Jessica's Trust in my local NCT newsletter and think the cause and its focus is well worth sharing. Jessica's Trust is a charity that raises awareness and aims to influence UK policy on childbed fever or puerperal sepsis. The charity quotes childbed fever as responsible for 14% of maternal deaths in the UK, though the condition is fortunately treatable if caught early and addressed.

An infection of the uterus following the birth of a child, childbirth fever could spread into the bloodstream to cause septicaemia and death if left untreated but knowing the symptoms could save lives.

While I've heard about GBS (group B streptococcus) and other risk factors to look out for in newborns, I hadn't considered what warning signs I should keep an eye out for in myself. Though this condition is thankfully quite rare, it does pose a serious threat if left untreated so do read more read more about its background and symptoms on the Jessica's Trust site.
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