Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ahhh, My Voice....

Whenever I get aches and pains now, I've taken to doing my "in for four, out for four" yoga breathing, reminding myself that whatever the issue it can't be worse than labor!  Since I'm preparing myself to be a "natural birthing warrior," I realize I need to be tough and have a sturdy pain threshold.

Saying that, this cold is really getting to me!  After I posted Sunday I did come down with a light fever, which fortunately passed, but I've been battling a bad cold and sore throat since Sunday morning and it's not fun.  I've been house bound in an effort to stay rested and get the better of these germs but it's frustrating all the same.  I think the main thing driving me nuts is my throat - it hurts every time I swallow and makes sleeping a challenge.  Unlike contractions where each brings me one step closer to my baby, this raw feeling each time I swallow doesn't seem to be bringing me closer to anything but a scratchier, hoarser voice - ahhh how hard it is for me not to be able to talk freely!

That's my rant of the night - I'm hoping if I keep powering through I can kick this thing soon.  For the time being, I've been jacked up on natural remedies like gargling warm salt water, drinking hot water with apple cider vinegar and honey, eating chicken soup and sitting/sleeping with a warm microwavable compress on my neck (which actually really helps soothe an aching throat).  I'm never one to pop pills and take a lot of medicines but I'm used to my body bouncing back a little quicker than it's doing this time.  Maybe I take that for granted.  I've looked up the symptoms of strep throat and I don't think I've got that, but if this doesn't shift in the next 24 hours I may need to go to the doctor.

Aside from laying on the couch or in front of the computer, I've had visits from Aunt G and Uncle S, my sis and the vibrant NLD who have kept me smiling.  Mom also bought us a "Dreamland Lullabies and Soothing Songs" cd which I've been playing for baby.  The songs are in a range of languages so I don't have a clue what they mean but they are calming and calming is good!  I do think she likes them also - I can feel her kicking away, safe in her uterine home and that is inspiration to keep my chin up!  I really need to be back to scratch for K&S's wedding on Saturday but the sooner I kick this, the better.  Please let me know if anyone has any other cold-kicking remedies to try!
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