Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Vitamin E is my friend

Today I owe a big shout out to good old Vitamin E. It's long established that Vitamin E is linked to healthy skin care (anti-ageing benefits; prevention and treatment of sunburn; reduction of stretch mark appearance) but I've truly seen its magic in action this last week. The side of my lip cracked while flossing my teeth in the midst of my cold (yes, gross) and my Vitamin E chapstick has helped it stay moisturized and heal rapidly. If anyone else is suffering chapped or split lips, definitely give good old Vitamin E a whirl. It might look like a plain Jane compared to the many fancy schmancy chapsticks on the market but don't be fooled!

I've also noticed that it's an active ingredient in my stretch mark fighting Palmer's Cocoa Butter and recently purchased Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. I was discussing this latter product with LH and decided to pick up a jar of it in the USA. It's thicker, more tacky and takes a bit more effort to rub in than the Palmer's lotion and similarly doesn't have a great smell, but it's chalk full of Vitamin E and I'm all for that this week. I don't have a preference between these two products (though the Burts Bees cream comes at a higher price tag)and will probably carry on with both for the sake of variety. I know they say that stretch marks can't be beat if they're coming, but if anything can help fend them off, I'm sold on introducing "E" power!
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