Saturday, 24 October 2009

29th Week Updates

One of my earlier postings on ebay shopping was just published yesterday on The Green Baby Guide!  It's a great site for discovering more about green pregnancy and parenting practices so do check it out after taking a peek at my article.

Yesterday I hit the 29 week mark; here's a snapshot of some developments:

Baby is now the size of a butternut squash - I am starting to wonder where these increasingly larger fruits/veg are going to fit inside my midsection!  My preg updates remind me to keep up with the healthy eating regime (was there ever a break from that?!) to fuel the rapid brain development of my girl, and her little bones now need lots of calcium since they are hardening!

I "officially" booked a home birth at my midwife appointment yesterday.  It didn't involve anything technical but it's now down in my "sacred" maternity notes, official notice that we plan to proceed in that direction!  I'm feeling very positive - slightly daunted - but overall pleased.  I know attempting a home birth doesn't necessarily mean we will have a home birth, but I hope we can.  I've done my research and feel as prepared as I can for someone that hasn't given birth already!
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