Friday, 30 October 2009

Attack of the Nanny State

This story about Watford Council banning parents from adventure playgrounds really takes the cake.  Mix Ofsted's regulation that only adults with cleared criminal background checks can be allowed near children with over-literal and over protective local government and wah-la!, an inane and impracticable policy such as this is born.

Sadly our world has some sick people out there that prey on children and while we should all be aware and take care, we can't become immobilized by these unsavories by introducing disproportionate laws like this that suggest we're all potential paedophiles.  Limiting supervision to a couple of licensed carers could confuse kids, limits one on one supervision and takes away the simple delight of a parent's day out at the playground with their kid.

I hope this law gets canned in Watford and doesn't spread because I don't want to miss out on pushing my daughter on a swing or helping her climb a jungle gym because of the rise of the nanny state.
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