Thursday, 8 October 2009

Blooming Fit

I just picked this image off BuzzFeed and, I'm sorry, but isn't this just wrong?! I'm all about childbirth education and explaining to the wee ones that "No, storks don't actually deliver babies," but there is something crude and unsavory about this knitted creation that makes my stomach turn. It's the kind of thing that could make a person choke on their dinner if caught unawares!

I've been meaning to share this Guardian article on "athletic supermoms" for a few weeks now. The lovely SH passed it on to me, and though I can't liken my commitment to fitness through pregnancy to that of these decorated athletes, the article brings up some interesting points around returning to your pre-pregnancy routine gradually and with proper calorie intake. It also sceptically considers the view that the surge in blood circulation and hormones in a pregnant woman's body may lead to improved athletic performance after birth, an idea I'd heard of but also never thought seemed all that kosher.

As my bump grows, I have to slow down at the gym and reconsider exercises like the leg press that feel uncomfortable with my growing bump. I've still been running once a week, though I haven't been for about a week now so I'll have to see if I'm still comfortable next time I attempt it. Moving toward my third trimester, I've read that it's safer for me to lift free weights while sitting on a bench or gym ball to avoid blood pooling in my lower extremities. Pregnancy yoga is helping me keep my body in healthy alignment and busy mind at rest. I try to stay informed and do my body good.

Exercise comes in many forms and while pregnancy isn't the time to start a new ambitious routine, whether you take a quick walk on your lunch break of go for a 30 minute gym session, I've found that every little bit helps. I may not have the energy I had pre-pregnancy, but I still have stamina, and I'm sure I'll need as much of that as I can get as my bump keeps on blooming!

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