Thursday, 8 April 2010

What a Production!

Walks in the stroller used to = sleeping, peaceful baby. Alas, those days are no more.

LLC fell asleep in her pram before I left the house and I made the mistake of delaying my errand-running walk in favor of a mad dash dance with the laundry and dirty dishes. Mission accomplished, I grabbed my jacket and approached my sleeping baby’s chariot only to discover that she was no longer asleep.

No problem, I thought. She’s due a much longer nap than this and once we getting rolling, she’ll be out like a light. And thus my new mummy error…

For roll we did but sleep she did not. With each step I took, her perky little eyes only seemed to get perkier rather than heavy with sleep. Cue small strong kicking legs, head manically turning from side to side and then, then her signature waa waa waa of protest.  I didn't have my camera at the time, but she looked something like this....

I stopped in a coffee shop and fed her once I realized that nap-time was a distant memory as she was due a feed post nap. This calmed her but her contentment proved short-lived for no sooner did I put her back in the stroller than her protests began again.

Geez. If LLC’s not sleeping during our walks she’s usually at least content. She’d been fed, changed and felt the right temperature. What was the matter? I chatted to her in soothing tones. Then I shuddered at the thought of joining the post office during this thunderstorm.

I tilted back the hood of LLC’s stroller and started to talk her through our movements. We’re just nearing the post office little one. Mommy needs to send a couple of packages. Yes, we’re by all the shops. This is where you usually sleep but today you can see all the people shopping. Mama needs you to quiet down when we go inside….

As I spoke her cries softened, only to return at full blast when I discourse. Ayeyeye. So I parked the stroller and picked her up for a cuddle. Instant silence.

Her eyes darted around the high street with hungry curiosity, registering the surrounding action. So I chatted to her more about this scene but then explained I’d now have to return her to her stroller.

Waa Waa Waa. I walked on. Then picked her up. Then put her down only for her to cry again. The cycle kept repeating itself. All she wanted was to be out of that stroller, observing and learning. Unfortunately for her, I couldn’t navigate the post office with packages, pram and baby in hand.

Oh, her spirit! It grows as she does. I’m so happy for that, but it made going to that post office a pretty stressful, embarrassing and trying experience. 
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