Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Out & About, A Tooth & A Brit

It’s been a busy several days. Good busy; achieving our new life balance busy.

Saturday I had my first extended solo day out since LLC’s arrival. I went to the lovely LT’s hen do, which meant champagne tea at The Orangery in Kensington Gardens followed by bowling at All Star Lanes. It felt good to put on a dress and a non-nursing bra and chat about things other than nappies and how many hours LLC slept through the night. Don’t get me wrong – I’m grateful for this talk with my mum friends but I was also grateful for the chance to hang up my mommy hat for several hours and talk weddings, jobs, politics and food uninterrupted by tears and poop. There was naturally some baby talk too but it wasn’t the main event. I enjoyed myself (even though my bowling was shameful) but couldn’t wait to give LLC a kiss and re-don my mommy hat by the end of the evening. Plus, my breasts were getting hot and firm and scarily fountain-like….

Sunday Chris, LLC & I met up with our NCT friends & babies. That’s 21 people, including babies. While we ladies meet regularly this was the first time since our ante-natal classes that the men got involved. We went to a fab local gastropub that actually fit all of us at a table in their bar area. We enjoyed delicious food, seven well behaved little ones (no meltdowns - amazing!) and discussing how we’re all coping through these early parenting days. Our leap into parenthood provided the root of our relationship and these are now growing into some great friendships. We’re all doting parents but still know how to enjoy a meal out, random natter and a cheeky beer or glass of wine!

LLC’s angelic behavior at the pub Sunday afternoon proved the calm before the storm of Sunday night. She went to bed as normal but woke up around 10pm, wailing, drooling and trying to eat her hand off! I had noticed she’d been drooling and chewing on her fingers a fair bit during the day but her discomfort had clearly reached a new level. Four and a half hours of crying later, we finally settled her and stumbled into bed with the scary realization that teething may have begun.

I hear that teething pressure can rear its ugly head months before any teeth appear. Poor LLC. It was difficult seeing her so distressed and not knowing how to help her. I had tried a teething ring but she wasn’t having it so I resorted to lots of cuddles. At least next time I’ll be prepared with some Dentinox Teething Gel, Nelsons Teetha or Calpol – thanks for the advice LG! Do you have strategies for coping with teething? Please bring them on!

My sleep deprived night left me feeling anything but fresh Monday morning and Monday was a big day for me. Why? I swore allegiance to the Queen and became a British citizen. After a couple of years of procrastination, I finally pulled my finger out and applied for dual citizenship. So now like my husband and my daughter, I’m a Brit. An official American Brit. Now can I vote in the imminent General Election, even though my choices leave me far from thrilled… Tired I may have been but that didn’t stop me from smiling, as you can see from this photo taken right after the big event.
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