Sunday, 30 May 2010


Need I say more?

That's my glam girl, enjoying a cuddle with grandma.

We returned from holiday Friday and dropped my parents off at Heathrow this afternoon.  We had a fab week and from the looks of it, the best of the weather.  I got to hold hands with my mom and my daughter.  LLC put up with a whirlwind of "newness" like a trooper.  When you're a baby every day brings something new, but I expect our West Country adventures inundated her senses more than normal and she coped well.  I'm not trying to get all "my child is so fabulous rah rah rah" on you but I must give the my star credit where credit is due. 

I'm sure the dynamics of travel will change and get more challenging for awhile as LLC gets older but travel is part of the fabric of my life by virtue of being an American living in the UK so we hope to adjust LLC to it from an early age.  Hopefully when we venture abroad we'll have similar successes.

If you're also considering a first holiday with your little one my advice is go for it!  I've already shared some of my travel discoveries, but overall my advice is plan ahead but keep an open mind and be flexible, keeping to your child's routine the best you can but not being afraid to adapt it a bit to fit your circumstances.  There may be some tears and moments of disarray but the seeds of travel and discovery will be sewn for your little one. 

Now my big question is what Hollywood would have to say about this new hairstyle LLC is rocking?
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