Monday, 10 May 2010

Some Leather-Bound Book Moments

Unlike Will Ferrell in The Anchorman, I don’t have many leather-bound books but I do have one, compliments of my sister, and it’s where I jot down noted I want to remember on LLC. My hand has been busy the last few days, as she’s had a lot of firsts: first wedding (she attended - we haven’t married her off just yet); first roll (from front to back); first dabble with baby massage (tear-free, until I put her clothes back on).

Saturday we attended L&J’s wedding in Oxford and LLC was one of several babies on the scene. I had grand plans of feeding her in the car before we went into the Church but in usual fashion, we were running late and I had to resort to a five minute power feed before sweeping LLC into the Church. Her little wide eyes drank in the scene, she remained silent and offered no objections at the critical moment and although I had to duck out into an alcove to give her a milk top-up mid-ceremony, she did extremely well.

Then she partied with the best of us and got lots of attention in the process. L&J organized a beautiful celebration and it was lovely to enjoy it as a family. As a bonus, LLC slept through most of dinner so we could eat and then afforded me a nice glass of red following her last feed when she fell asleep for the night CW’s arms. Thank you CW for all the cuddles!

L&J also went to great lengths to make their day family-friendly. They organized a parking permit for us near the reception, placed families with kids near the end of tables where there was space for prams and even bought a little entertaining present for all the kids. There was even a room available for breastfeeding and baby changing. I appreciate things like this so much more now and would definitely tap L’s brain if planning a big event including families.

Yesterday we had a chilled out, post-wedding day, event free, until LLC decided to roll over. I’m so glad I didn’t miss it as I was chatting to Chris (me talking? Surprise, surprise….) and putting away baby onesies at the time. I happened to turn around at the very moment that LLC, on her front and in the middle of our bed, planted her until-now often limp and spaghetti-like arms firmly on the bed, locked them and flipped over onto her back. We cheered and put her back on her front and she did it again. We were so proud! Today she did it three more times so it appears we have a roller on our hands. I guess that means I need to be much more careful with her on that bed.

Today we went to our first day of baby massage with the other mums and babies in my NCT group. I hope to learn some relaxing moves we can practice on LLC. I’m always so quick to get her dressed and probably don’t give her have enough naked time (the one time I left her on her play-mat diaper-free she managed to wriggle off the towel I put under her and pee all over the mat!) so massage will encourage that as well. The session felt refreshingly relaxing for me too – it made me slow down and just focus on the exercises with LLC. I think I’m going to enjoy it and importantly, LLC did too. She laughed, smiled and babbled throughout the session and only went into meltdown at the end of class when I put her clothes back on. But then she fell asleep.

What will tomorrow bring?
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