Thursday, 6 May 2010

Time for a Top Up

After our trip to the beloved health visitor last week I learned that LLC's weight gain/week decreased for the second time running.  She's gaining weight, just very slowly.  She's now fallen to around the 0.04% line.

I've mentioned this previously and it does weigh on my mind, even though I know that she just happens to be that baby on the bottom percentile line and that all my mama instincts tell me she's thriving.  I've had some great tips on increasing my milk supply yet upon reflection and examination, I'm pretty sure this is not the issue.  She just seems to be a light eater.  Couple that with being an active baby who is always kicking and wriggling and you get a lean baby.

But I can't help thinking that babies should have a bit of meat on them and it's slightly worrying that her weight gain, always small, has lately been dropping off.  So as of Saturday, we decided to introduce a bottle of formula for her evening "dream feed."  This way I see her getting one large, full feed a day, importantly at a time when she previously might have drifted back off to sleep without taking much from the breast.

I know many new mums who have moved on to formula because of choice, or because of genuine issue with breastfeeding.  I know the many benefits of breastfeeding but also believe formula feeding is nutritionally sound.   Even though this is only one bottle a day and I've always said I'd keep an open mind to combination feeding, it was a difficult decision for me to make. 

I'm not sure exactly why.  Perhaps I liked the achievement of exclusively breastfeeding?  As dear LH pointed out, perhaps I liked the idea that breast milk is something only I can give to LLC as formula dilutes the "exclusivity" of a mother/baby feeding relationship.  Maybe I wonder if formula might upset LLC's system, or I cling to the ease of breastfeeding with no bottles to sterilize and no formula to buy?

Ultimately though, I went with my gut and my gut told me it was time to supplement to see if it might help LLC further recognize her potential in the weight charts.  I'll keep you posted.

Did you ever combination feed and if so, how did it work for you?
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