Friday, 25 September 2009

Kiss Away but “Beware” of the Bubbles

As you may have noticed, I’m all about staying fit during pregnancy. I do my yoga, my running and go to gym (on a good week). I walk the 25 minute commute to the office from the train station and once in the office, I walk up five flights of stairs to my desk. I climbed the stairs four times today, which maybe just burned off half the bag of Mike and Ikes I devoured at lunch!

Always one for action and staying fit, I took interest in this pregnancy update on unexpected calorie burners. Read them and burn!

Kissing burns 58 calories/hour – grab your man and put Pee Wee Herman’s famous kiss to shame!

Washing windows burns 200 calories/hour – before the dirt and grime of winter set in, freshen up your windows and tone those arms!

Walking the dog burns 238 calories/hour – maybe I can convince Rico to walk on leash??

Gardening burns 324 calories/hour – plus it requires a lot of squatting….I can hear my glutes singing, or screaming already.

Next time you’re feeling guilty about eating that tub of Ben and Jerry’s and not going to the gym, go pull a few weeds and feel guilt no more.

Same pregnancy bulletin, next update: vaginal discharge and yeast infections. Of course we pregnant ladies are more prone to those too. But I’m not interested in all the TMI around yeast infections; I was more irritated to learn that one of the suggested means of lowering your risk of getting one is avoiding bubble bath! The outrage! I climbed the stairs, I washed the windows, I waddled into the office for a long day at work and now they’re telling me to avoid soothing, joyful, fun bubble baths because scents in the bubbles or whatever MAY upset the pH of my vagina. I earned my bubble bath, I like my bubble bath so why do the “experts” try to ruin all our fun?

I haven't had any issues with bubble bath so far so I’m going to keep on using it when I see fit. Pregnancy Today reports that the potential risks of bubble bath apply to both pregnant and non-pregnant women and suggests that the benefits of a nice bubbly soak outweigh the risks. Here, here!

I’m 25 weeks pregnant today and I’m not looking burden my back with more "worry weight." I’m also happy it’s Friday and soon to be the weekend – this morning I put on my maternity bump jeans backwards and didn’t even realize until I glanced in the mirror and saw the two rear pockets starting back at me – clearly I need a break!!
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