Monday, 28 September 2009

Bump Blunders at 25.5 Weeks

Ahhh, the issues that ensue when you're carrying a 1.5 pound rutabaga in your uterus (left), which by the way, is now the size of an average football.  Bump is blooming and subsequently:

  • Causing me to break a country gate due to my increased weight
  • Serving as a table and crumb catcher whenever I eat
  • Stopping me from tucking up close to my desk at work
  • Soaking up spill-over water from the sink when I do the dishes (be warned: don't use bleach near the bump or you might lean up against the counter and get a not so cool tie-dyed pattern on one of your favorite shirts!)
  • Attracting attention and "she's pregnant" stares from randoms on the street who wouldn't have noticed me previously (aside from any fellow commuters on the train - they NEVER notice even when I'm standing with bump at their eye level)
  • Filling out my longer, "regular" clothes making me think some longer tops or maternity shirts are of the essence!
Ah the joys.  And no, I didn't actually break that country gate - it had a great contraption that allowed it to depress for passers-by to cross over. We couldn't resist taking a "Tanya broke the gate shot," though as you can see from this picture, I didn't really break it, I promise!

It was a beautiful weekend and Chris and I did some "trusting" via the National Trust, an organisation that restores and maintains a number of historic houses, castles, gardens and parks across the country.  I'd estimate that the majority of members are 40 plus, but I think people our age are missing a trip by not visiting these great sites.   There's nothing more I like after a busy week in London than busting into the countryside for a long walk or NT visit. We're already sharing the experience with baby in utero in preparation for the explorations she has to come!

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