Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Big ‘un on a Babymoon; New Size of Sexy

I sauntered down the cobblestone sidewalk, tossing my hair and basking in the late afternoon sunshine. Hand in hand with Chris, my skin had a healthy “glow” - maybe it was sweat, or fullness due to water retention – but I felt good, I felt glowing. We were on vacation – a long weekend babymoon – in Prague with our great friends A&S and the weekend couldn’t have been going better. At that moment a ray of light bounced off the store window to my right, catching my glance and capturing my full glory.

Full indeed. Full like I’d just eaten 3 steaks, a big pot of goulash and 5 apple strudels. Now I never hold back in the food department while on vacation but I had't had THAT much. Then again, I’m 22 weeks pregnant with a uterus internally rising above my naval. I’ve waxed lyrical about embracing my growing bump, blah blah and I do. But in that moment I didn’t appear to be sporting a blooming bump but more of a bloated bulge below my cotton sundress. Wah!

The moment had been too good to ruin, though, so I smoothed out my dress, averted my eyes and walked on with slightly less of a saunter. Girl power beats irrational hormones.

A&S made me laugh when we first met up in Prague when they asked if I’d be okay walking around. I love exploring on foot while on vacation – I think it’s one of the best ways to get a feel for the city and to experience lots local gems often lost from a taxi window or underground metro. Walking was “no problem” I declared. And it wasn’t. We explored the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, fantastic Mala Strana park by foot and I had no complaints, tiredness or aches rain on my parade. I politely declined a guard who offered me the elevator to the top of the Mala Strana viewing tower, and Chris said he was impressed at how I charged up the tower stairs with him at my heels. My ease of mobility may falter in the coming weeks but not yet! Throughout the weekend, the four of us had long meals and good conversation, authentic Czech food and an array of other international cuisine. We relaxed, wandered, took a lot of pictures – the one on my right above is a 22 week shot of me on the Charles Bridge with Chris (the one on the left is me at 21 weeks, which I didn’t previously post) -we saw a lot without having too much of an agenda. It was a perfect babymoon.

Back in our hotel room the night of the big bulge sighting, I examined my bump in the bathroom mirror. It looked like a mountain cliff poking out at my middle that suddenly dropped off before my bikini line. As I examined I felt our little lady kick; she hadn’t been super active that day and the movement jarred me back to reality and made me smile. I was 22 week pregnant. I might look in "the plump or pregnant" stage in some of my outfits but that’s all part of the trip, right? I’m finally on my way to that rounder fuller baby bump that shouts blooming so I guess I just need to shut up and deal. I am now carrying a spaghetti squash after all.

I do have one disclaimer on bump comments though - if you are commenting on the status, growth or look of a pregnant lady's bump - be careful, be tactful and be positive. Don't ask someone if they think they "are going to be huge" when they tell you how far along they are. Even if you don't mean to be insulting, it won't be taken kindly!
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