Thursday, 27 August 2009

Girl Power!

First of all, a huge shout out to my great friends E&S who just brought a beautiful baby girl into the world yesterday! Congratulations guys!!

This post is all about GIRL POWER (and no people, I'm NOT talking Spice Girls) - in addition to E&S's excellent news, we had our 20 week sonogram yesterday and found out that we too are having a girl! Most importantly she looked healthy and on track development wise for my January due date. Of course we would be thrilled either way but I am looking forward to evening the boy/girl score in our house (Chris & Rico / Baby and Me) and having a mini me, albeit with a British accent! Chris guessed that we'd have a girl all along so he was happy to be on the mark and has plans to rear her as a first class athlete in sport with a ball really. He has high hopes but I reminded him that we are not turning into psycho sports parents that pressurize our kids - I remember a coach or parent once punching someone else at my sister's soccer game - a prime example of child sport bringing out the devil in parents.

Our little lady must have sensed she was being scanned because she went on acrobatic overload right as I laid down on the sonographer's table....either that or the skittles and OJ I had before the appointment were taking effect! This 20 week sonogram seemed like another milestone in our pregnancy. After the 12 week scan it seemed so far in the future, but now it's come and gone and I'm left with the further realization that we are going to be parents with a living breathing baby really soon. Let me tell you, there is a sizable and very real looking baby inside me. It's thrilling, fantastic, scary and exciting all at the same time. Happy as I am, I won't be planning on celebrating with any of these freaking scary cakes...that is a a step too far in the creepy direction for my tastes!

I remember looking in awe at a heavily pregnant lady about to drop at the Affordable Art Fair with E earlier this year. At the time E was still in the first half of her pregnancy - now she has been that girl and has graduated to mama. Pregnant B is next in line and I'll be bringing up the rear of our girl hat-trick in January. Something must have been in the water when we were all working together....I feel pretty emotional about it all but again I'll blame the hormones for making me soft.

Those "hormones" have been rearing their heads in other random ways too. I don't usually view myself as an overly hormonal person but do find I now have the occasional psycho spike. Like Tuesday night, when I lost an e-bay auction for that cherished Bugaboo Cameleon that has possessed me. I lost the auction by £10 and turned a little crazy - I must have momentarily thought I was a boxer since I started punching the air and moaning like banshee. When Chris tried to assure me that there would be future auctions and there were other bugaboos waiting in the wings to go on ebay, I wasn't having it. He tried to be patient with me but finally gave up and told me to stop being irrational. I snapped out of my red haze about 10 minutes later....but in the name of girl power, next time "the psycho air boxer" in me threatens to come out, I need to get a grip and quick! Ahh the highs and lows of this pregnancy coaster......
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