Saturday, 8 August 2009

Good Vibrations

Supposedly there "may" be advantages to playing music to your baby in the womb. I don't think there are any definitive findings on this theory, but I guess the idea is to use music as a vehicle to engage and comfort your baby in utero, which will then be familiar or soothing once he/she is born.

I'm now at 18 weeks; our baby is the size of a bell pepper and can apparently hear my heart beating and my digestive system processing - after the amount of curry I ate last night the little one must have had quite the show! I think it's still a couple of weeks until baby can hear noises from outside the womb, so I have some time before I can start putting the music theory to the test.

Having said that, earlier this week I went to karaoke with Chris and some friends from his work. They are karaoke king and go often enough to hold a gold card that entitled us to 5 hours of free singing! Yes 5 hours. I am no seasoned karaoke girl and I'm a terrible singer, but the night was a lot of fun. The music was so loud though, that baby must have got some kind of show, if not from the audio at least from the vibrations. Chris did a particularly stirring rendition of Guns and Roses' 'Civil War' that must have radiated beyond our singing room and throughout the surrounding area! Maybe not particularly soothing, but stimulating I'm sure! Looking forward, I think we better introduce a balanced mix of music or we may have a hyper one on our hands.

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