Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas reacquires the "wonder element" with children that is partially lost somewhere along the fuzzy transition into adulthood.  Although LLC doesn't fully comprehend the ethos and lore of this holiday, she does much more so than last year and its been special watching (the run up to) today unfold through her eyes.  Some of our highlights have been:

-Opening our USA sourced picture-based Advent Calendar throughout December....naming all the Christmas-related and winter scenes behind each window.
-Teaching LLC about Santa, his impending visit, and her emergent recognition and discussion of him.
-Wrapping presents with the help / hindrance of small go-getting hands and conversations about giving / appreciating those that we love.
-Visiting a favorite forest pub and unwinding before an open fire.
-Playing the "name the ornament on the tree" game.
- Leaving out a mince pie and glass of brandy for Santa / carrots for Rudolf and Co.
-The look of excitement on LLC's face when she finally noticed her new tricycle next to the fireplace this morning.
-Delving into the contents below the tree...
-Beach walks with family and friends - the ultimate re-invigoration.
-Saving LLC from falling spread eagle into a huge puddle in her Christmas dress.
-Eating fine food, and lots of it.
-Watching my bump dance each evening post dinner - baby #2 likes his food already!
-Our transatlantic skype call where LLC decided to strip for the camera.
-Stopping to relax and drink the day in - it's been a good one - I hope for you too.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Happy holidays all!
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