Wednesday, 21 December 2011

LLC Toot

From the shores of Long Island to the brown tides of the Thames, men are no different when it comes to pride in their bodily functions.  Why why why?  I don’t understand how a person could take such pride in the volume, stealth or noxiousness of what is quite natural but foul - the expulsion of intestinal gas.

And how can something so common but so best left in the toilet command such a raft of names:  gas, wind, fart, cut the cheese, trump, and now in our house, “toot.”  Because that is the newest addition to LLC’s burgeoning vocabulary and it’s thanks to her daddy, alongside her less developed social inhibitions.

Chris and LLC were camped out on the sofa when she happened to let one rip.  “LLC,” Chris declared proudly.  “You went toot!” And a new phrase, understanding and misplaced pride took root in our almost 2 year-old.

“LLC toot.  LLC toot,” she chirped, grinning.  And of course the phrase stuck.  It’s now right up there with her version of clock (“cock”) and treat (“tit”).   

What next?!
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