Tuesday, 11 October 2011

When Three Become Four

Those who have been with me on this parenting journey from the start may remember I announced my pregnancy on this blog with the confidence inspiring tale of Chris and I arriving home to find our kitten locked in the fridge (he was fine – read the story here). How were we ever to handle a baby?

I’m still often clueless about child development issues beyond LLC’s current stage. I often don’t know what to do in the parenting department, make mistakes, or find myself in tricky situations, like when LLC tried to launch her slippery body from my arms in the gym shower after we went swimming, resulting in a mad clutch and scramble that led to a head butt against the shower wall and many tears. Incidents like this aside, I have generally grown in confidence in my abilities and instincts as a parent.

So now that things are running smoothly enough, we’ve decided to introduce another major dimension to all our lives – another baby! Yes, I’m pregnant, 16 weeks today.

I have no doubt that we’re going to have our hands full, but like anything with parenting, I’ve learned that I won’t really understand the full extent of this until baby arrives. Overall LLC has been a relatively easy baby, so does that mean we’re due for some major drama with baby number 2? You just never know and even my planning mind is switching off from even attempting to imagine how we’ll find our groove in this next chapter.

I’ve been fortunate so far that this is again proving a comfortable pregnancy, free from any serious morning sickness or other ailments. I’m tired, but this no doubt has something to do with a small toddler running circles around me. My body is already changing, and my mini bump is probably already 2-3 weeks larger than it was at this point in my first pregnancy. I had heard this would be the case, but for entertainment purposes, I’m going to again take weekly bump shots and compare them to how the bump took shape first time around.

Let the games begin!
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