Tuesday, 7 December 2010

White Wonderland

I grew up across the street from a golf course.  Snow meant sledding.   There was always a hole in the chain link fence we could slip through to reach the adrenaline rush that lay beyond.  I loved the snow.  I always dreamed of a White Christmas.  Unfortunately we didn't get too many. 

Last December my take on snow was a bit different.  Heavily pregnant and stuck inside my house with a road like a sheet of ice, the reality of snow, particularly in a country that doesn't get it all that often, was less inviting.  (Though even that didn't stop Chris and me going for a wander and a play).

But last week snow really reclaimed its magic. Frozen precipitation was our family delight.

Now can someone please recommend an affordable, decent looking, waterproof winter boot with treads that I can use to navigate my ice sheet of a road?  I'm tired of padding around in my wellies and my feet are cold!

This post is for The Sticky Fingers Gallery, prompt 'White'.
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