Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Celebration of Double Trouble

Our weekends together used to be a bit different. We'd drink a bit too much red wine and be a bit too merry. We'd go on long, rambling, hilly walks full of fresh air, good chat and no hurry. We'd even been known to run around town dressed as golfers or drink beers on the train on our way to a shameless karaoke escapade.

Times have changed, but for the better. We still enjoy a glass of red around the kitchen table. We still enjoy our walks, though they are now shorter, less spur of the moment and often stroller friendly. We now put yellow rings on our heads and build towers of stacking cups in return for priceless laughter.

So tonight, along the Sticky Fingers Gallery theme of ‘celebration,’ I celebrate two fine cheeky little ladies. Double trouble indeed.
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