Friday, 20 August 2010

It's all happening....

One of the most amazing things about babies is their rate of development - each new week brings something new as their sponge-like brains take on the world!

Several weeks ago LLC learned to sit up.  Then a few weeks back her first tooth (bottom right) came through.  The following week her bottom left tooth made an appearance and last week she started rocking on her knees and attempting to crawl (but toppling over in the process).  It might be awhile coming but she's trying.  She's also been very vocal of late, happily screeching long streams of vowels and consonants and now today some more separate and distinct sounds.  It's mad, exciting, wonderful to see this little person emerging.  I look at her and I just want to eat her up, even when she is moody and has a big old paddy.

Next week will be the first week LLC goes to the childminder. It's only for a couple of day a week but it's still slightly daunting.  I'm sure LLC will be fine judging from her settling in sessions (where she turned toward the childminder when I went to kiss her goodbye) and since she's still small and not too sensitive about being separated from me in general.  Chris' mom visited this past week and LLC stayed with her for a couple of full days and all was well.  But's strange....I'll miss her......

Yes, it's all go around these parts!
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