Monday, 2 August 2010

Halfway Around the Sun

LLC, you're 6 months old.

It seems like you've been with us for ages though simultaneously this half year has flown by.  You're still small, "like a little dolly," but what you lack in weight you make up for in personality.  You're a spirited little lady with the grunt of a champion and the inquisitive stare of a practiced detective.

The world is yours to discover - you observe always, and now often want to take part.  You enjoy chucking your food bowl on the floor and grabbing Rico's tail.  You're thrilled by animals, dancing in my arms and the playground.  You love to sit up and desperately want to crawl but for now need to settle for rolling from point A to point B, which you do with speed and skill. 

Moo Cow is back in your life; for this we are all grateful :)  You have two passports, lucky girl.  You turn the pages of the books we read; you have a penchant for off limits electronic devices like the remote and my phone.  You know the magic computer that mommy and daddy type on and grandma & grandpa " in a box" appear through.  You love being held but will entertain yourself for long periods of time too.

You rub your eyes when you're tired but like me, you resist sleep. You cry almost every time I put you in our crib for a nap and when you do, I give you solace through your friend white noise. You have no teeth yet but you razz and babble like a chatterbox in the making. 

You embrace life and I embrace you.


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