Monday, 7 June 2010

We're on a Roll

A few weeks back LLC rolled from her front to her back, much to Chris and my delight. It happened a few times and then she seemed to forget the manoeuvre.

Not anymore. In the last week she not only re-mastered the front to back roll but also threw in the back to front roll (in fact, she's now more adept at at this and if left on her back, it's only a matter of time before she ends up on her front - this gave me a shock at nap-time!). She's also found her foot, clearly the most tasty treat in her book after milk and can now really grip her toys for more than a minute or two. Last week while out with my NCT friends she made a real grab, rather than random jerky swipe, for my water bottle and gave the table and some of our friends a shower (note to self: screw top firmly on water bottle.)

Unlike her weight which is gradually increasing but doesn't strike me by the day, I love being able to see her acquire a whole new skill or trait by the day. The pages in my leather-bound book are filling up and I'm psyched for what's around the corner. Before long I'll have to start thinking about child-proofing this house....eeek! I can't see myself going nuts in this department but I do need to give it some thought. Any tips?
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