Thursday, 3 April 2008

Pasta with Ketchup

I read that in the couple of weeks leading up to a marathon, it's important to increase your carbohydrate intake, particularly in relation to your protein intake. So that's my plan!

Tonight my cabinets were starting to look pretty bare, but fortunately pasta is one provision that I always have in stock. So I decided to reconnect with a favorite, back to basics meal that my grandma used to serve up during an afternoon visit to her apartment in Queens: pasta with ketchup.

Call me crazy, but I've always enjoyed this combination. My grandma gave me the taste for it at an early age, much to the horror of my many Italian friends. "Don't worry," I'd tell them. "The ketchup is not supposed to be a substitute for tomato sauce and it tastes good!" I'm certain that my friends never believed me.

So tonight I loaded up on a carb heavy pasta and ketchup dinner - simple but delish! The question remains if it will fuel me well for my pre-work run tomorrow....
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