Friday, 27 January 2012

Two trips around the sun...

You charge, as in run with a purpose....
-And then deliver a big open-mouthed kiss on my lips and nose
-At animals screeching, and often scare them in your enthusiasm
-Away from daddy when he's seeking a scrum

You love....
-Our cat Rico, though remember he is not a horse for riding
-Your mom and dad (you've started to tell us and we freeze frame those moments in our heads)
-Bumper, Morris and your bed-time crowd - it's growing so popular soon there won't be room in your bed for you

You chatter a lot, like your mama, and are strong-minded, again like your mama...
-"LLC do it.  No, this way, not that way."
-"Rico sit on LLC's lap."
-"Want cake mommy."  Want kiwi and more milk." How do you ask nicely?  "Pease?"

Your fascinated with the art of dressing and undressing....
-Zipping up your boots
-Pulling down your trousers
-Wearing my high heels and your dad's slippers

You enjoy....
-Examining my teeth
-Swimming in the bath and jumping in the pool
-Drumming on that shortbread tin to hard rock
-Coloring, painting, mess-making
-Dusting the house with a napkin or baby wipe
-Singing 'Jingle Bells', your 'ABCs' and 'Row Row Row Your Boat'
-Laying on the couch with the fleecey blanket for a cuddle
-Rubbing lotion on my bump
-Role play, as in making food, taking care of Baby Petal, parading with your own pocketbook
-Reading - this week's fav is "Good Night America" (USA!  USA!)

You don't enjoy....
-Sock fluff in the bath
-Being confined in a stroller. It is no longer your friend.

Every day you....
-Call for us first thing in the morning,come in bed for a cuddle and then kick us in the face
-Learn something new and surprise us
-Issue your orders
-Bid the turtle and fish photos goodnight after bath
-Choose your bed-time story.  Or five.
-Make our hearts swell with love, joy and pride - I never really knew it would be this good but now I do....

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