Sunday, 19 June 2011

My type of art

When it comes to art, decoration and style I know what I like and can create the perfect picture in my mind’s eye, but ask me to translate this to reality by my own hand and the result often looks like several cans of paint run over by a piece of industrial machinery.

This is probably because while writing has always come easily to me, things like drawing, painting and sewing have not. Have I tried very hard to apply myself in these departments? No. Would I like to try harder? Yes. So I’m making a start with baby steps via some messy projects with LLC.

I remember as child loving to paint at nursery school. The paint was gooey, messy, fun. A simple sheet of paper was my blank canvas and without inhibitions I would just “create.” My mom still has a large wooden frame dating back from those days holding some of these fine works.

LLC isn’t quite at the paint brush stage yet so we tried our hand at some finger painting. I bought some child friendly paint pots at the Early Learning Centre and decanted the paint on some plastic coasters for LLC’s easy access. A little ghetto, but the first time we tried this I let her dip straight from the pots and she kept wanting to take more and more out. Next time, we’ll use our newly purchased plastic palette from Amazon and I’ll probably thin the paint a little too with water.

Chris then cut a few small potatoes in half and carved simple raised shapes into the flesh of the potato with a kitchen knife. We then passed them over to LLC for her dipping enjoyment and a little added twist to her finger smears.

This kept her busy for a whole 15 minutes. It was messy. LLC was fascinated, by her handiwork and the taste of the paint. Chris and I couldn’t help making our own creations and it turned into one big family art session. Overall, I’d say it was a result. Who knows what ambitious project we’ll try next time? I don’t think I’ll get too far ahead of myself, but at least the baby steps are in motion.

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