Friday, 11 February 2011

Woe is Weaning

Woe is weaning
Not really
Fascinating new textures
Juicy new tastes
The joys of food

Goodbye breastfeeding
Take an emotional bow
You didn’t create our bond
But you were part of the package
Parting ways is harder than I thought
But we’re ready

Woe is weaning
Not true
Embrace your dependence
Drink your milk
From a cup!

I said I’d breastfeed for 6 months. Then I said I’d carry on. Now I’ve breastfed for a year and as Chris’ gran so tactfully puts it, “the milk bar,” is now closed. I was told the whole stopping feeding thing could get quite emotional but I didn’t really believe it would affect me in that way.  But it kind of has. 

I could see LLC was ready to be weaned (holding her mouth open over my breast as if it was a free flow cup was a hint!) and I felt ready to stop. Still, what I underestimated was my feeling of loss for the lovely mommy and LLC cuddle time that came with breastfeeding in the morning and before bed. The chance of LLC cuddling up to me at these times is now slim to none. She's just too on the go. Of course we have cuddle time and closeness in many other ways, but I did enjoy giving her something natural and good while having a snuggle.  It's a little sad to say goodbye to that.

Still, we’re both ready, so we move on.  Just not without a little wistful moment.
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