Wednesday, 19 January 2011


This week I’m doing something that I haven’t done for almost a year. I’m reading a book.

How sad and lame is that?! I love reading. I always have. A good book is an escape, a journey, a learning curve.... How did a serial reader like me give it up?

LLC was born. But that’s no reason for me not to read. I just forgot to indulge. I got swept up in reading baby literature and shameless day-time television while I breastfed. I got caught up in a cycle of baby play, food preparation and house cleaning. Even on the days I went to work, I never brought a book and resigned myself to the Metro.

I just didn’t make time for books so they fell off my radar. It wasn’t until I finally opened a book this week and felt the dusty but familiar exciting sensation of getting hooked by the story that I remembered the joy that is reading.

So books are back on my radar, and here to stay. I’m working them into my day and I feel all the better for the escape they provide. So my advice to all new mothers out there is that if you like reading, even in the rush of a first year with baby, make some dates between you and a good book. I’m sure you’ll feel all the better for it.
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