Monday, 29 December 2008

Fashionista Merry-Go-Round

In the wake of my festive and merry previous postings, I'm going to change gear today and air a slight grievance with what I call the "Fashionista Merry-Go-Round."

Big cities live and breath fashion...and fashion, as a form of self expression, is something that I love. Ladies (though guys may want to listen up too), the operative words here are self expression. Not cloning! I can't be the only person who gets tired of seeing women en mass jump on the trend bandwagon in an effort to "roll with the fashionistas." I'm not saying it's a crime to buy into the latest fad....but do pick and chooses the clothes, makeup, etc. that suit your personality, and your body type. Not everyone will look good in Kate Moss's Topshop range and it's boring when all of a sudden everyone starts sporting a poncho. Why are you wearing layers of foundation? Is it for you or is it more in name of fashion?

I think that it's a sad day when women hide their spirit behind a facade that's not of their own true choosing. It's fake. Or if one passes up better made, probably pricier items so that they can snap up the newest lines out in Primark (whose manufacturing means I seriously question). That's foolish. I'm not saying buy Escada if that's not in your budget; I'm suggesting you consider mid range quality in lieu of quantity for the sake of a trendy wardrobe. Alternatively, look off the high street. Go to a market and find the unique. And if you are one for couture, don't buy and drop items like flies in an effort to keep pace with the likes of the runway. That's wasteful. Make full use what you have!

What happened to fashion as a form of expression if we all want to look the same?
What happened to individuality, enhanced through fashion?

There are days when I look around me and get lost in the whirlwind of the Fashionista Merry-Go-Round. I want to hold my own with all those beautiful London people. But then I remind myself to work with what I've got. So here's a little poem I wrote for all of you out there that may also occasionally struggle with this dilemma:


She had it goin' on
Dressed to the nines
Matching bag
Painted face
How's a girl to emulate?
That rosy lipped vixen

I'll try it on for size
Bat my lashes
Color my lips
Pucker up cherries
And make your entrance
Watch heads turn...

Lips painted red
But is the facade wise
Would you rather just
Look a bit deeper into my eyes
And see me for who I am

Not yet a desperate housewife
But off the market still
I want to be sexy
But I want to be real
What's the point otherwise?

So I'll pass on the
"Squeeze into the latest trend game,
Who cares if it fits?"
Kick off reason with the shoe I bought yesterday?
I'll wear my soles through, thank you

Lips painted red
But is the facade wise
Would you rather just
Look a bit deeper into my eyes
And see me for who I am

I hope so
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