Sunday, 10 February 2008

From the word go...

My first word came at the uncharacteristically early age of 3 weeks when I opened my mouth and said "go!"

You might argue that any 3 week old would make such a noise and that my renowned first word was merely a common gurgle. While you may be right, I beg to differ. Some would consider this a self dis, but I'm the first to admit that from that fateful day 26+ years ago, I verbalized my lifelong prophecy: that once I got going, I would not stop....talking that is!

I love to talk. I enjoy playing with language. I gain perspective by exchanging thoughts and ideas with others, which in turn empowers me to learn and to grow. One of the most meaningful compliments that I've received is that I actually listen and retain what others have to say....Thus I'm not all talk, but an open ear too.

I'm also a near non-practicing, random poem every so often, head spilling with unfinished ideas writer. This blog is my vehicle for changing that, for self expression and observation. I moved to the UK 5.5 years ago and the process of building a life and my independence here has come with many bumps, inspirations, tidbits and gems that I'd like to give a voice to. I can't promise anything overly shocking, profound or fantastic on this blog but I can say that I hope this forum gets me writing and helps me share my thoughts and ideas with my family and friends on both sides of the pond. If you're reading, your comments are always welcome!

In honor of talking, writing and conviction, I'd like to share a poem I wrote in school when I was around 13....

My Companion

Tick tick tick whispered the clock
A monotonous rhythm to some
Yet a remarkable revelation to me
We share incredible qualities
Our obstacles relate
Showing we are truly kindred spirits

Some acknowledge we never relax
Say we are nothing but endless chatter
Quiet, the attempt to shush us
Often to no avail
For we are not stalks to be blown to and fro in the breeze
Our words are our initiative
That carry us to success
Tick tick tick

And as the golden mirage dies down into the vast night
All the day's experiences collect
To fall perfectly into place
My breath falters, settling
Into the same pattern as my companion
Tick tick tick

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